About Robert Karlsen

Robert Karlsen, the creator of Kahoot Bot, created this amazing hack to make the Kahoot games more fun for people, of course in a different way. Many organizations use Kahoot games in order to teach their customers, clients, and other people information they want to, it is the best way to have fun and learn at the same time.

Robert Karlsen software engineer
Robert Karlsen – Software Engineer

But these games can get infuriating, and this is why we at kahoot-bot.com started working on a software that could make these so-called “kahoot games” more fun in a different kind of way. After a lot of power nights and hard work I created this Kahoot Flooder Bot, that will help you crash games outta nowhere and flood the games with answers.

It seems easy but that doesn’t mean I didn’t know anything about coding or anything like that, from an early age I was interested in doing things like this and series of events like learning about computer at an early age, started programming, getting addicted to hacking, and creating software(s) made me the person I am today.

Robert Karlsen

My father had a computer and I used to do nothing but play games on that thing. Soon I realized that there is more to that machine than playing card games and pinball. I started exploring and while doing so my school teacher who saw my interests helped me figure things out.

My teacher, Miss Penny taught me most of the basics there is to know about a computer over the course of 2 years and from that point on she just let me follow my own interests and honestly the actions of my teacher who nurtured my fire for technology led to me in this point of time. Not to mention I was an average student like the rest of my class and did not exceptionally excel in something, the same goes for computers but the only difference was the fact that I worked around the clock on it.

I used it as much as I could, not just for games anymore, I was figuring things out, exploring, and doing whatever gave me a kick of curiosity.
In Junior High, I was so much into computers that I started programming while others were learning about Microsoft office. Not trying to brag or anything but that was all because of my time I was putting into computer science than any other subjects.

Then after high school, I did not leave this curiosity, I started working on getting into college and took the computer technician diploma at one of the greatest colleges around my area. The first semester into my college and I learned so much about creating software and made learned languages like Java, Python, and many more.

But this was not only it, I started working on my own at home and took an online course for ethical hacking, that made me learn everything there is to learn about cracking software and websites. Using all the skills and wits I created software like this infamous Kahoot bot and many other things, all of this happened because of my love for programming and making progress in it as a business opportunity.